April 13, 2011

Full Season Soybeans Big Looser in Delta Acreage Struggle

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

With the big increase in the winter wheat acreage in the Delta, there is now going to be a more double crop soybeans and a lot less full season soybeans in the region. The continued strong soybean price is going to encourage the farmers in the Delta to plant double crop soybeans after they harvest every one of their winter wheat acres. Double crop soybeans in the Delta generally have a lower yield potential compared to full season soybeans. If the summer weather turns hot and dry, the double crop soybean yields can be significantly impacted.

The expected increase in cotton acreage is also going to reduce the full season soybean acreage in the region as well. The increased cotton acreage is going to take away from rice in Arkansas and probably full season soybeans in Mississippi, Louisiana, and the Bootheel of Missouri. Although no cotton has been planted yet, everything points to a big increase in cotton acreage primarily at the expense of full season soybeans.