April 27, 2011

Late Planted Safrinha Corn in Brazil Exhibiting Moisture Stress

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Most of the safrinhacorn crop in central Brail is already dry and it is going to get much dryer very soon. The situation of the crop is highly dependent on when it was planted. The earliest planted corn is in the best condition because it has already pollinated and is in the grain filling period. The latest planted corn is in big trouble because it is still a month away from pollinating and it is already exhibiting moisture stress.

Of the safrinhacorn that I have seen in Mato Grosso, approximately 25% has already pollinated and is in the grain filling phase, 25% is in pre-pollination, 25% is mid-vegetative, and 25% is early vegetative growth. Moisture stress is already evident in many safrinhacorn fields. For some of the shorter corn, the leaves are rolling in the heat of the day. In some of the more mature corn, the bottom leaves have already fired half way up the plant.

The end result is going to be that the safrinhacorn crop in central Brazil will be negatively impacted by the early onset of the dry season. Brazilian farmers planted a lot of safrinhacorn, but much of it was planted later than normal and now the early onset of dry weather is going to impact its original yield potential.