February 22, 2011

Early Soybean Harvesting Starting in Parana

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The early soybean harvest in Parana, which is the second leading soybean producing state in Brazil, is just now getting underway. The Parana Department of Rural Economics (Deral) estimates that 3% of the 2010/11 soybean crop has been harvested compared to 5% last year at this time. The soybean crop in Parana is 26% mature, 65% filling pods, and 9% flowering. The condition of the crop is rated as 91% good, 7% average, and 2% poor. The slower than normal start to the harvest season is the result of delayed planting and recent wet conditions that have kept the combines out of the field.

The planting was delayed late last year due to the dryer than normal weather during August and September which led to low soil moisture at the beginning of the planting season. Farmers in the state had to wait for additional rains to fall in October before there was enough soil moisture in insure germination.

Deral is estimating that the soybean production in the state will total 13.7 million tons compared to 13.9 million tons produced in 2009/10.

Early harvest has also begun on the full season corn crop in the state which is 41% maturing, 51% filling grain, 7% pollinating, and 1% in vegetative development. The condition of the corn crop is rated as 93% good and 7% average. Deral estimates that the full season corn acreage in the state declined 18% from 896,000 hectares planted in 2009/10 to 734,000 hectares in 2010/11. The statewide corn yield is being estimated at 7,260 kg/ha (112 bu/ac) and the total production is estimated at 5.3 million tons. During the 2010/11 growing season, the statewide corn yield was 7,560 kg/ha (116 bu/ac) and the total production was 6.7 million tons.

The safrinha corn acreage in Parana is estimated at 1.5 million hectares, which is approximately double the full season corn acreage. The safrinha corn production in the state is estimated at 6.6 million tons or approximately 30% of Brazil's total safrinha production. Approximately 6% of the safrinha corn acreage has been planted.