January 25, 2012

Full-Season Corn Harvest Underway in Southern Brazil

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Farmers in southern Brazil have harvested approximately 4% of their full-season corn, which is ahead of the harvest pace of last year when less than 2% of the crop had been harvested at this point. In Parana, which is one of the largest corn producing states in Brazil, 5% of the corn has been harvested and in Rio Grande do Sul, 14% of the corn has been harvested. The harvest pace is slightly ahead of last year due mainly to the dry weather in southern Brazil that has accelerated the corn maturity.

Brazil has a large second crop of corn called the safrinha that is planted after the soybeans have been harvested and the planting of the safrinha corn has started out very slow. The biggest state for safrinha corn production is Mato Grosso where approximately 1% of the intended corn acres have been planted. The slow start for the corn planting is due to wet weather that is delaying the soybean harvest. The second biggest state for safrinha corn production is Parana and the initial planting in that state has also been slow.