July 19, 2013

Brazil's National Irrigation Forum to be held in Goias in August

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

On August 16 and 17 the National Irrigation Forum will be held in the municipality of Cristalina, Goias, in central Brazil. Cristalina is the municipality just south of the Federal District where Brasilia is located and it was chosen because it has the largest irrigated acreage in the state at 54,000 hectares and 650 operating center pivots. This will be the first time the national irrigation forum will be held in the state of Goias.

More than 250 representatives of the irrigation industry are expected to attend and a topic of discussion will be water storage. The state of Goias was chosen for the meeting because it has a history of constructing dams to store irrigation water which allows for a more reliable supply of water instead of depending on fluctuating river levels.

Cristalina was also chosen for the diversification of crops under irrigation in the municipality, which totals more than 30 different types of crops. The climate in central Brazil is a distinct rainy season (October to April) and a distinct dry season (May to September). The dry season is warm and sunny and ideally suited for irrigated crop production.

The Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation of Goias (Seagro) was created a little more than a year ago to monitor irrigation in the state. Since its creation, the Secretary has registered two thousand central pivots and by the end of 2013, it is expected to have registered three thousand central pivots, which would represent 80% of the irrigation systems in the state.

The goal of registering the pivots is to collect data on where the pivots are located in the state, what crops are being irrigated, how much water is being used, and the method and timing of irrigation.