May 12, 2011

Early U.S. Crop Conditions Vary Widely by Regions

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Since we are not going to get weekly crop condition reports for another week or so, let's take an early look at the crop conditions by region.

Eastern Corn Belt

  • Planting is extremely delayed in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.
  • Nearly record slow planting in Indiana.
  • At least 10-14 days later than 2010.
  • Floodplains of rivers especially affected.
  • Not all of the intended corn acreage will be planted.
  • Additional soybean acreage may be planted.
  • Soil moisture is adequate to surplus.

Western Corn Belt

  • Rapid planting progress in Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas.
  • Temperatures are warming, should encourage germination.
  • Planting intensions probably will remain unchanged; corn acreage might even be higher than intended.
  • Soil moisture in region generally adequate.

Northwestern Corn Belt

  • Cold wet conditions persist especially in N. Dakota.
  • Farmers in North Dakota just now getting into fields.
  • Most progress in southwestern Minnesota.
  • Not all of intended spring wheat acreage will be planted.
  • Probably not all the corn acreage will be planted.
  • Additional soybean acreage in the region.

Southern Corn Belt and mid-South

  • Extensive flooding along rivers.
  • Floodplains could have standing water for weeks.
  • Most of the corn planted on time but now some has been flooded out.
  • Corn plant populations reduced.
  • Some corn acreage lost, probably will be too late to replant.
  • Cotton planting delayed as well, could approach prevent plant date.
  • Rice planting delayed.
  • Soybean acreage should increase due to delays in corn, cotton and rice planting.
  • Soil moisture adequate to saturated.