November 4, 2011

Soy Planting Complete in NW Parana, Good for Safrinha Corn

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

After a week of rainy weather, a recent stretch of ten days of sunshine was just what the farmers needed in northwestern Parana to complete their soybean planting. According to the regional extension office in Maringa, which is located in northwestern Parana, the 2011/12 soybean planting is essentially now complete with just a few pockets remaining to be planted.

Farmers are very pleased with this early completion of soybean planting because this is the main area in Parana where the safrinha corn will be planted after the soybeans are harvested. If the soybeans get planted early, then there is a high probability that the safrinha corn will be planted on time next January and February. On-time planting is essential for good safrinha corn yields due to the threat of cold weather in June and July. That is what happened this past June when freezing temperatures significantly impacted the late planted safrinha corn in northern Parana.

Soybean planting would have been completed even earlier in Parana had there been additional rainfall during the month of September. Nearly all the soybeans in northwestern Parana are no-till and the planters were having a hard time penetrating the corn residue left over from the safrinha corn crop. The safrinha corn was harvested very late this year and there was little time for the residue to break down especially since there was a lack of rainfall during the month of September to aid in the decomposition. As a result, some farmers had to modify their planters to cut through the excess residue and they had to plant at a slower speed.

With the soybean planting completed on time, farmers in Parana are expected to begin their soybean harvest in January thus allowing enough time to plant what is expected to be a larger safrinha crop than last year.