October 17, 2012

2012/13 Brazil Planting Pace Remains Moderate

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Brazilian weather - The rainfall in central Brazil continues in the form of hit or miss scattered showers. The rainfall in Mato Grosso started out quite good during the third week of September, but it has not been as good for the last few weeks. There has been enough rain in many parts of Mato Grosso to start planting, but other areas remain too dry especially in eastern Mato Grosso. The farmers in other areas of central Brazil such as the states of Goias, Tocantins, and Bahia are still waiting for enough rainfall to start planting their 2012/13 crops.

Farmers in southern Brazil have had the opposite problem especially in Rio Grande do Sul where heavy rainfall over the last several weeks has led to planting delays and a deterioration of the wheat crop in the state.

Brazil soybeans - In Mato Grosso, approximately 18-20% of the crop has been planted, which is about 5% slower than last year. Soybean planting in Mato Grosso started out ahead of last year's pace, but it has since slowed down. In Parana, approximately 25% of the soybeans have been planted compared to 30% planted last year. In Rio Grande do Sul there have not been any soybeans planted as yet and normally 3% would have been planted by this date.

Brazil corn - The three main full-season corn producing states in Brazil are Minas Gerais, Parana, and Rio Grande do Sul and these three states are expected to produce approximately 54% of Brazil's total full-season corn crop. The corn crop in Parana is approximately 70% planted and in Rio Grande do Sul, it is approximately 50% planted. Collectively, corn planting in Brazil is running slightly behind the average pace.